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“The Best and Worst”: One of the many topics to be discussed at the DCCI’s Marketing Matters Conference

Professor John Simpson, the Director of The Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing, has headed up all the projects which have been produced by The Institute since its inception in 1998. Professor Simpson and Bridget Dore are the authors of the very successful “Marketing in South Africa: Cases and Concepts”, which is going into its third edition. Prof. Simpson also headed up the School of Management Studies at UCT and was the Senior Deputy Dean of the Commerce Faculty for a number of years. He now still lectures Marketing, Consumer Behaviour and Business Strategy at the School of Management Studies.

Prof. Simpson and his team at the Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing have been presenting their research on the bottom end of the market in “Wake Up, Shake Up” and more recently the exciting “TopEnd” of the market.
In preparation for the Strategic Marketing Conference, hosted by the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on the 6th December 2011 at Suncoast Casino he has created the “The Best and Worst” sharing his insights about the following aspects.

The South African consumer landscape has shown increased complexity since 1994, even more as we recently emerge from a recession. Many consumers have never had it so good; others stare into the face of increased hardship as we go into an uncertain future. The paper which has been written by Prof. Simpson for the conference will review and analyse the entire consumer landscape, explain how marketers have acted over recent years and how they are struggling to operate effectively in a dramatically changing world, which in many ways is becoming less like those countries that we have followed in the past. It will draw on those marketing successes, as well as suggest directions for marketers to successfully navigate the turbulent waters of the future, to take their rightful place in the boardroom again.

Come hear the real McCoy at the conference on the 6th December 2011 at the Suncoast Casino in Durban.

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