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DCCI’s Marketing Matters Conference Part 1: What was the DCCI’s Marketing Matters Conference all about?

The ‘thought provoking, strategic’ Marketing Matters Conference at the Suncoast Casino in Durban was hosted by the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, along with Marketing Matters, on the 6th December 2011 and it was the day that many strategic marketers were looking forward for a long time. The conference proved to be a great success and it really achieved all of its aims which were initially created four years before the actual event.

The conference aimed to address a number of topics which had a strategic focus because marketers have a responsibility to themselves, their organizations and their various stakeholders to stay up to date with various strategic events that could shape the world which their products and services are sold into. They must have an understanding of the legislation that governs their business transactions and impacts the way in which they will be able to communicate with their various target audiences.

Therefore there were many relevant topics which were presented and they included the impact of the King III report, the Consumer Protection Act, the evolution of Technology and its impact on marketers and opportunities presented by ‘Green’ marketing. 

The conference began with a welcome message by the President of the Durban Chamber, Ms Thato Tsautse. This brief introduction was then followed by another message from Mr Andrew Layman, the CEO of the Chamber. 

The official opening of the conference was done by Jeremy Maggs who is a well-known South African personality and he has worked across a wide variety of media platforms such as newspapers, radio, television and magazines. Much of the success of this event was owed to the excellent facilitation by Mr Maggs and without him this conference would have lacked an efficient flow of events as well as a great sense of humour and many thought provoking questions.

There were a total of seven speakers and each of them was allocated a time slot of approximately an hour. These sessions were divided by short ‘question and answer’ periods which allowed the audience to enquire about certain aspects as well allowing the next speaker to set up their presentation. Once again the excellent facilitation by Mr Maggs was evident as he often asked the first, and often very thought provoking questions, in order to break the ice for the audience. 

The next blog of this series (Part 2) will deal with the summary of Professor King’s speech which was based upon the King III report.



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