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DCCI’s Marketing Matters Conference Part 5: ‘The Impact of Technology on Marketers’ by Andisa Ntsubane

The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marketing Matters Conference welcomed a total of seven speakers from very different segments of the strategic marketing industry. The speakers were all assigned a session of approximately an hour and these were followed by another short session which allowed the audience to ask questions about certain aspects from the presentation. Therefore there were a total of seven sessions that ran throughout the day and they covered topics such as the advances of technology and its impact of marketers, social marketing, ‘green’ marketing the King III report and other relevant strategic marketing topics.

The next session (which followed the speech by Steven Cohen) stayed with the topic of technology and its impacts on marketers and it saw Andisa Ntsubane talk about ‘The Impact of Technology on Marketers’ which focussed on the evolution of marketers and how they have responded to the impacts of technology on how they do their work.

Andisa Ntsubane forms part of the Microsoft SA team and he understands the unique challenges of working across provinces, countries and other regions. He has travelled extensively across Africa and other emerging markets as he has great interest in managing a brand across multiple geographies. Andisa has provided Microsoft SA with guidance on how to overcome new marketing and communications challenges due to his passion with new and digital media. He is also a driver of marketing the ‘Microsoft Way’. Videos were used to enhance and compliment his speech and these shared many unknown facts that left everyone in awe.

It is not easy to identify just one or two aspects of his speech which made an impact but it must be said that the knowledge and expertise that he shared with everyone about social media was truly unforgettable. Social media and technology are advancing hand-in-hand and they are doing this a very rapid pace. The Return on Investment (ROI) of social media marketing means that your business will still be here in five years and there is no need to panic. It cannot be emphasised enough on how important social media is for businesses and one of the videos showed that 50% of the mobile internet traffic in the UK is for Facebook and it enquires on what this could mean for bad customer experiences.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.” – Erik Qualman

It is really unbelievable how technologies are changing and how these may affect the way we work in the corporate world and how we will have to develop different marketing strategies for these modern times. An example of developing a new strategy for the modern era of marketing is to look at developing mobile applications and mobile based internet browsing as well as the use of social media platforms for marketing of products and services.


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