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Are you contributing to the clutter?

Everyone agrees that Social Media is a great tool for businesses to get their message and brand out there.. But the one question that keeps surfacing is “how long will these services last?”

One reader of a blog we recently subscribed to commented: “Myspace has turned into spam dump. Facebook is getting there slowly but surely, and Twitter is beginning to.” What we have to realise though is that, as with all channels, we have been in an almost frantic state of mind caused by the massive shifts we have seen in the way communication takes place – anyone and everyone who has access to the internet has been trying to get some attention, causing the space we all love to ‘hang out’ in (according to Google+) to become cluttered and noisy.

Some of the leaders in the field have predicted  that 2012 will be the year that we will see this change. Businesses will learn to focus their voice, readers/consumers will be able to control the kinds of communication they receive, and we will see incredible improvements in the way we interact with each other – no matter who it is you find yourself talking to.

To make sure you and your company don’t become social-litterbugs, take a look at some of our pointers below:

  1. Check your account settings – make sure you know who can access any postings you make before you post them.
  2. Check your privacy settings – You need to be sure that you are not revealing more personal information about yourself than is necessary. After all, you don’t give the guy you met in the line at SPAR your home address do you?
  3. Make sure you’re not talking too much.. Just as we take care in our real-world activities to keep from giving away sensitive company information (intellectual property), we should be mindful of what we say online.
  4. No-one likes a fake! Make sure you are completely honest and accurate with the information you’re giving away.
  5. Don’t spam!  80% of the content you put out there needs to be informational – 20% or less should be sales. If you become the authority on your topic, people will look for you when they need your services.. but if you keep “selling” while they want to have a conversation, you will end up annoying the end-user and driving future clients away instead. This is a great example

It’s all about convenience and less noise..

February 2012 has made its appearance, and it seems that the noise on the social media front has increased to an all-time high.  Users are being flooded with predictions, headlines, and cute one-liners to help people face the mountains of work that lie in wait..

Then I stumbled across a really useful article by Social Media Examiner with regards to tools and platforms that are set to help turn down the volume when it comes to social media. We will see tools like Hootsuite and Bufferapp becoming more popular, internet “pin-up boards” like Pinterest will help us organise the looming information overload, and links as long as your arm will become a thing of the past with Best of all, these tools interact seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Flickr, your WordPress or Blogger blog and many more – so you can now manage your online presence in all these places from one platform.

As a marketing strategy consultancy, we will be keeping an eye on these developments as they won’t only make your life as an individual easier – it will begin to form part of your company’s marketing strategy as businesses seriously begin to focus their efforts and use social media as a strategic business driver.

One of our new-year’s resolutions will be to initiate our own “SMS-helpline” (Social Media Strategy Support), so if you have any questions or comments let us know: Facebook page / Twitter Profile